Why Recycle and How


Why Recycle

Batteries have become an important part of our life. We use them in a number of items around our homes and also in our vehicles, boats, motorhomes and machinery. Like all items manufactured, they have a limited life and it is at the end of their life that we need to make the most important decision, and that is to recycle them correctly and responsibly.

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Responsible Collection

Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) and Used Non Lead Acid Batteries (UNLAB) are classified as a Hazardous Waste and this makes them a Trackable Waste.
Did you know that as a Trackable Waste there are some important requirements that need to be adhered to.

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Handling Guide for Waste Batteries

Disclaimer: The information provided here is general in nature and provided for educational purposes only. Organisations and individuals must do their own research to understand their legal obligations and to ensure that they are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

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Waste Batteries Packaging Standard

We understand that even though packaging standards and guidelines are available for ULAB’s / UNLAB’s that sometimes they are not always possible nor practical but by no means does this exclude you from being able to have your waste batteries collected by WBC Battery Recyclers.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

The following MSDS are a vital component of Used Lead Acid Battery (ULAB) and Used Non Lead Acid Battery (UNLAB) product stewardship containing workplace safety information. They are designed for use by emergency personnel, employers and employees so that all involved will have the procedures for handling and working with these waste products safely.

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