Welcome to WBC Battery Recyclers.

We are a company solely dedicated to battery resource recovery. We strive to offer the best battery recycling solution for your Business or Organisation, from the One Man Owner/Operator to the Multi National Companies, Local Council and Governments Departments, we work together to remove the hassle of waste disposal. We also work with Clubs, School P & C’s and Not for Profit Organisations to help them with the ever needed fundraising task.

We are firm believers that as a Company if we are going to be involved in any industry it has to be done correctly. Our Company and fleet of trucks are EPA registered, our storage Crates and Bins we supply for use meet and comply with EPA regulations regarding Waste Storage. We are constantly looking to improve our service, whilst at the same time we try to use only the most technologically advanced EPA approved battery recycling facility.

What we offer is second to none in our industry and is unable to be matched by any of our competitors in our area. We offer a regular and reliable collection service as well as the free use of our EPA compliant Crates or Bins for the storage of ULAB’s on your site, EPA compliant paperwork with Material Disposal Certificates issued upon pick up from your site, prompt payment upon pickup or within 10 working days in the form that best suits you, the client.

Our clients can be assured that by using WBC Battery Recyclers they will be getting the best service and equipment available in the industry, with real people that enjoy taking the hassle and pain out of Waste Disposal. At the same time our clients can rest easy knowing the environment is better off for having used our service because we are EPA accountable for everything we do, from pick up at your site, to delivery to the recycling facility and everything in between.