Why Should I Recycle?

Recycling old batteries reduces the harm that they can cause in the environment if they are dumped illegally or wrongly placed in landfill sites. By recycling old batteries you also reduce the potential health risk to humans and pets. Approximately 1 in every 5 Australian homes has a Used Lead Acid Battery on their property.


How Much of a Used Lead Acid Battery is Recyclable?

About 98% of a Used Lead Acid Battery is able to be recycled, making it one of the highest recyclable item.


What Happens to My Battery When It Is Collected?

The returned batteries are collected and palletised before being delivered to an EPA approved Recycling Centre where the old batteries are broken down into their different components.


What Are the Components and What Happens to Them?

The different components of a Used Lead Acid Battery are:

Sulphuric Acid
Plastics (Polypropylene)

Lead is retrieved from the battery plates, intercell connectors and posts and melted down. The melted lead is then made into lead ingots which are used to manufacture new batteries and also used in other lead products, e.g. sinkers.

Sulphuric Acid is drained from the old batteries and converted into Sodium Sulphate. This is then used in the manufacture of textiles, laundry detergents and fertilisers.

Plastic – Polypropylene
The plastic from the battery cases is chipped and recycled into a range of plastic products including rubbish bins and plant pots etc.


Why Should I Use an EPA approved collector?

There are many “recyclers” out there who do not comply with nor hold the required licenses that must be obtained to operate a Used Lead Acid Battery collection service. Many of these “recyclers” are only interested in the lead component of the battery and once they remove the lead from the old battery, the remainder, the plastic and acid, are disposed of illegally or put into landfill sites.

An approved collector, we will ensure that your old battery is sent to the correct recycling facility where the entire battery is recycled responsibly.


Can All Batteries Be Recycled?

Yes, all batteries can be recycled, but some batteries have to be recycled in a different manner to Used Lead Acid Batteries due to the metals in them.

Batteries such as AA, AAA which are Alkaline Batteries contain metals such as Manganese, Potassium and Zinc. These metals are to be recycled in a different way to old lead acid batteries. Some of these types of batteries are able to be recycled in Australia, but others need to be sent to an overseas recycling facility.