It’s Simple, It Works

There is no effort involved for the school or club with the “Recycle With Us” program. WBC Battery Recyclers will do all the work at no cost to you.

We provide you with our EPA compliant Battery Recycling Crates, lidded if stored outdoors or unlidded if being stored under cover. We will provide as many crates as required and there is no cost for the crates.

We will have our trucks call to your location on a regular basis to check the crate and change the crate to an empty one when required. Our driver will provide you with a Material Disposal Certificate upon every collection so that you have a record of the collection. The crate is returned to our depot where it is weighed on our certified scales to have an accurate weight on which to pay you.

Payment is made either by cheque or direct bank deposit, you just let us know, and a remittance advice is sent advising you of the weight of the ULAB’s and the payment amount. Then it is up to your school or club to use the money in whatever way you wish.

We can provide your school or club with brochures about Battery Recycling that shows how a battery is recycled and what they can be recycled into. You would be surprised!