Environmental Management

Our sustainable resource recovery management practices, based around proven technologies, help us respond to the major environmental challenges facing us today.

In a world where natural resources are not infinite, achieving more sustainable development means using these resources more efficiently: less waste in the production cycle and more new resources in the form of materials and energy extracted from waste and end-of-life products. We are committed to increasing the proportion of materials that are reused, recycled or recovered in the form of secondary materials from the waste volumes it handles.

This objective is encouraged by regulatory changes, such as waste levies, by heightened public awareness of environmental issues, and by the structural increase in natural resource and energy prices. Although recycling is an integral component of waste management, we realize that some waste cannot be transformed into a resource.

This is why we continue to develop solutions for eliminating this non-recyclable residual part of waste, under conditions that respect the environment and are cost effective.